Wedding Reception Timelines

Using wedding reception timelines and checklists can help you stay organized in your planning process. Organization is the key to throwing a successful event. Creating and sticking to a timeline will:

  • Help your reception run smoothly
  • Ensure that you don't forget any details
  • Lower the amount of stress that you experience

Have you ever been to a reception where there just seemed to be constant chaos?

For instance, everyone is finished eating and no one seems to know what to do next?

Or people begin dancing but the best man never got a chance to give his toast?

Minor details? I don't think so. When it comes to your wedding day nothing is small. Every bride and groom wants to keep these kinds of occurrences to a minimum (who doesn't want their special day to be perfect?).

One wedding planning list that I am providing here is to help you plan for your wedding day in general and one is an outline of how you can run the reception.

They are only guides to help you come up with your own timelines for the events that you want to happen.

Even though it's most important that you do the things that will make you happy, you also need to keep the comfort of your guests in mind.

For example; you should try to make sure that you do not have a large lapse of time between your wedding ceremony and the reception.

Your guests should not be left for two or three hours in between these events with nothing to do or without anything to eat.

Plan your day so that you will be happy while still being courteous to your guests.

Basic Checklists

These lists will aid you in planning each detail and in making sure that you have enough time to get every item on your list accomplished.

Use these wedding reception checklists as a starting point in your planning process.

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