Wedding Reception Wording

Trying to figure out the wedding reception wording for all of the cards and additional stationery that are related to your invitations can be a little daunting.

Here are several pieces that are a part of what you might end up mailing out to your wedding guests.

You should look into wedding invitation etiquette and find out how to assemble and address those pieces. In addition to the items that you will mail to your guests you will also want to consider having

  • Place Cards
  • Escort Cards
  • Table Numbers

Response Cards

The response cards are sent to your guests so that they can RSVP to your wedding and/or reception (RSVP in French is Respondez s'il vous plait or "Please reply"). Here are a few wedding reception wording examples for your response cards.

The favor of a reply is requested on or before (Date)
Name _______________________
Number of guests _____
______ Will not be attending

This is a simple option for using response cards.

You might want to use this wedding reception wording if you need head counts for both the ceremony and the reception. For instance some sites may have several different rooms available for both the ceremony and reception based on the number of guests that you will have attending, so you would want to know how many people will be attending each event.

The favor of a reply is requested by (Date)
Name __________________
Number of guests for the ceremony _______
Number of guests for the reception _______
______ Sorry, will not be attending

The favor of a reply is requested
Please make your dinner selections by (Date)
Guest ____ Beef__ Chicken__ Child__
Guest ____ Beef__ Chicken__ Child__
Guest ____ Beef__ Chicken__ Child__
____ Will not be able to attend

The wedding reception wording for this response card is great for allowing your guests to make dinners selections if a choice is offered.

Response Envelope

You will need to send a response envelope addressed to either the parents of the bride, the bride, or the person who is handling the RSVPs.

Make sure that you attach a stamp to the envelope because your guests should not have to pay to respond to your invitation.

You might also want to number the guests on your list and put the coordinating number on the envelope in case some of your guests forget to write their name on the response card (it does happen).

Direction and Map Cards

Direction cards contain only the written directions while a map card would include both the directions and a map.

If the directions to the church and reception are simple then you could just have a direction card.

But if you have more complex directions then a map may help to make sure that your guests do not get lost.

You should do a drive through of the directions to make sure that the directions are accurate.

A better idea is to have a close friend who has not been to the locations try to directions and/or map out themselves to ensure that even people who are not familiar to the area get to each location easily.

Escort and Place Cards

The escort cards for your reception are traditionally placed on a table right outside the banquet room directing your guests to their appropriate table.

You may use a tent card with the name of the guest or couple and their assigned table number.

The place cards are put at each table setting and inform each guest of his or her assigned seat.

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