Wording for Wedding Reception Invitations

So you're trying the figure out the wording for wedding reception invitations.
Well the reception invitation (or card) is one of several items that you will include with your wedding invitations.

It specifically let's your guests know where the wedding reception will be held.

The specific wording for wedding invitations that you use depends on the type of reception you plan on having. The following are a few reception card-wording examples.

Examples of Wording for Wedding Reception Invitations

Come join us for
Fellowship, dinner, and dancing
at seven o'clock in the evening
Madison Country Club
9700 Viewfield Drive
Madison, Montana

Wording for a typical wedding reception

Adult Reception
following the ceremony
The Briarcliff
875 Oaks Road
Columbus, Ohio

This example shows how to word your reception cards to show that you want to have an adult only reception without using harsh words like "No kids allowed!"

The pleasure of your company
is requested at a dessert reception
following the ceremony
at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Craig McKnight
8712 Honeywell Avenue
Nichols, South Carolina

You can use this for a simple dessert reception, which is a nice cost effective alternative to have a full-blown wedding reception dinner.

As we continue in celebration
kindly join us for hors d'oeuvres
immediately following the ceremony
in the church hall
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
12581 Charleston Street
Yeadon, Pennsylvania

Using this kind of wording works great for individuals who are planning * two different wedding receptions.

* You may want to have a spectacular reception but are limited in the amount of people that you can invite.

I have seen a few couples have a quick appetizer hour at the church or other ceremony location so that guests that are not invited to the more lavish affair still get time to meet and great the happy couple.

If you are planning to do this then you need to make sure that you are very organized in keeping track of which reception cards go to the appropriate individuals.

If you want to jazz up your wording then you can go to the wedding invitation page to find some invitation verses.

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